Friday, October 20, 2017

Inktober and New found Artists

Into the third week and still going...that’s something quite satisfying for me. The first thing I do these days once I settle down in the morning is to do my Inktober piece and then post it in my Instagram (in case you would like to check it out) account, mainly for accountability so that I wouldn't break it. I am still garnering energy and inspiration from the be frank I am not an insect person...some of them freaks me out but I try not to harm any living being though. Any and every life is least from its perspective!

In case you would like to  see my first and second week's the links.

On that note I would like to share a couple of artists' I love watching in Youtube, of course I am aware of only a few. The first artist is Minnie Small and here's her playlist. But let me tell you I have been following for some months or probably a year now I think. Every morning after creating my own inktober piece, sometimes even before, it has become a habit to watch Minnie's inktober video. In one of her recent videos she introduced a few artists of which I found two others whose video works really interested me: WeroNoYume and Furrylittlepeach both who post Inktober pieces not regularly though as Minnie but all the same really good. WeroNoYume has more videos than the latter now. One other artist from Minnie's list who isn't doing Inktober but whose videos I liked is LittleCoffeeFox. Do check them out. I always love to see the varied mediums and varied techniques of the multi-diverse artists. It's so inspiring and interesting.

So with that here's my this week's inktober works.


Jewel bug, Monarch catterpillar
Giant Shield bug nymph, Amazonian Leaf-footed bug
Lacebug, Scorpionfly



Linking it to Eva and Kristin's Paint Party Friday.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Inktober and Intentions

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I started Inktober on 1st, as is supposed to be, and so far I am able to keep up the momentum though on two occasions I had to summon myself to do it. If I hesitate in the beginning itself, I lag in what I do but if I like the topic, the artist or if it's something that would sound like a challenge to me then I usually complete it. So mostly I don't take up such 'events' unless and until it's something irresistible.  I came to know about Inktober in 2015 but didn't take part the last two years. This year I felt it's unavoidable. This is of course a challenge as is to many simply coz you need to draw/sketch every single day for the whole month. It's good for honing your skill, a kind of exercise - meditation, and then obviously by the end of the month you would have a good number of works or at least a good number of what you have practiced. It's a win-win situation. In case you would like to see and read what my take is and what I had done the first week, you could click  HERE.

Since I am doing Insects...I am actually observing them a lot either in person and/or in photographs...reading on some of them, getting to know some facts and wondering how insignificant we think they are. Particularly with all the incidents and violence happening around, man against man/nature/and everything else, I am very often reminded of a saying; something like, everyone can not do great things but everyone can do small things in a great way. We don't usually try to remember that. I have always seen that people take softness for weakness. But they fail to realize that it takes courage to be delicate in a world this cruel where emotions/feelings/thoughts are crushed mercilessly without even a second thought. Being rude/harsh/cruel is easy. It takes effort to be delicate/considerate; it has to be done with mindful intention. 

"What do you think about it?"

The images are not in chronological order. I placed  it in a way that I felt good to look at.


I couldn't accommodate this stinkbug in the box.

"To those who are participating and even otherwise who try to practice daily, are you able to keep up the momentum? What challenges do you face?"