Saturday, January 20, 2018

21 Days in my Art World #2

Tara Leaver's 21 days in my artworld has reached Day 17 and I am finding it quite interesting. I had never really shared so much online regarding my work and related matters so this became an opportunity to open up and share about oneself as an artist, the process and every little thing related to creating art.

So continuing my journey...

Day 5 - Favourite Tool

Favourite tools keep changing with the creations right! Since I am currently engaged in a series of small paintings I am using these 5 brushes- one tattered, three ageing and one new. 😊 Mist sprayer is a must right now!
There are quite a few all-time favourites though!!


Day 6 - Current Challenge

My current obsession-challenge is portraiture and getting the features and expressions right! I would love to get the subtle nuances that makes those expressions worth it. There’s always a story behind each face and each expression of that particular moment. Would love to get hold of that subtle magic! Each person is a story-teller of sorts! 
These are my 10-15 mins attempt with different mediums. 


Day 7 - Colour Palette

Color palette in my current series is quite restricted as usual is the case with me. But it happens naturally depending on the subject matter/ story that I choose to depict. I don’t have a permanent palette, it keeps changing. I love bright colours though. You may wonder what I am creating with this colour palette, unfortunately I can’t reveal it now. But this has been one of the interesting series I have worked on. It has given me some more ideasπŸ’‘!!! 😊 
I am attempting a video this time. Hope it works well! The video has music, thanks to my daughter who edited it! 😊
Colours in the video: Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna, Payne’s Grey, Prussian Blue and Titanium White. I am using bits of other colours as well.

Day 8 - Inspiration 

I am almost always inspired by everyone and everything around me in some manner but there’re moments, instances, experiences, even expressions that catch my attention and that dwells with me. Most of the time one inspiration leads to the other. I am also inspired when I see and read about various artists, their life, their work process, their struggles and hardships, their success...even some slightest things for that matter! The news of everyday violence against humanity in general and women & children in particular stirs me up to the core and it haunts me. Though I am not vocal about it, it churns inside me. My daughter is a great source of inspiration! She’s a bundle of potential with unlimited possibilities and full of life!!! She’s my greatest Muse! Sometimes it’s ones own self...what I personally go through. Movies and music influences me and so does books.

 Rene Magritte’s "The Lovers", 
a Paula Rego study

“Sunshine” - sketch of my daughter

Ms.Marple, Agatha Christie and “Dark forces” - charcoal works

Haren Das’s print as sketch, 
Louvre-Abu Dhabi from a photo reference of Sanjeev Goyal

Day 9 - Where the Art happens 

Art, for me, can happen anywhere inside my home. From the sitting room or bedroom to the dining hall and near the window-sill or balcony floor where we dry clothes!!! Even in my lap!!! In short I don’t have a dedicated studio space as such... but the “moving studio” is kind of fun as it’s quite challenging at times!!!😊 And when it’s the balcony even natural forces play an important role in how the background turns out to be!!!




Rest to be continued...

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Friday, January 12, 2018

21 Days in my Art World - #1

21 days in my art world, a challenge that Tara Leaver called for - when I saw it in Connie Solera's post I was amused. I loved the idea of sharing it as I had never done anything like it before! Though I saw the post 2 or 3 days after the challenge had started I thought of giving it a try. So here I am posting it in my blog as well...after 9 posts in my Instagram feed.

Day 1: Favourite painting 

This is one of my favourite paintings from the series “Repercussions” which I had curated-co-ordinated in October 2016. Currently picking this one as it is this series that brought some serious attention to my work. .
It’s quite difficult to pick a favourite since there’s some reason or the other that decides that favourite factor- it could be the story that led to the concept, the way it turned out, the learning process, the mediums used, the technique and that accidental ‘Aha’ moment!!! on!! 

“I see me in you 
Apparition that broke through 
I make alter truth.”

Acrylics 91.44X60.96 cms

Day 2 - Lesson Learned! 

Being a self-educated artist, everything I try is a learning process, trial and error and full on experimentation! But I do enjoy every single step! Observation, contemplation and application are the key words! Enjoy every bit of it!!
These faces were the attempts of ideas that were lingering in my mind while I was preparing for a series in 2016. 

Learn, learn and learn 
- faces, skin tones, features, dappled light!

Day 3 - Work in Progress

Just like many of the artists’ there will always be more than one work on the table, at the least 2!! It’s fun when you juggle between one to the other! Then there’s this piece where the leftover paints go which in itself becomes another work of art! Enjoy it all!
Currently engaged in a new series of 6 paintings.

Detail of a painting - new series

Day 4 - Art Book

Books!! That’s something I hoard just like art materials! Tsundoku, I believe is the word for books!!! Since I am at my home I have just these 2 at hand right now. All my books rest in Kochi!
“Paula Rego” by Fiona Bradley is one of my faves as Rego is one of my favourite artists and the book really shook me from the core for so many reasons and particularly the way she painted the minutest of details!!!
Love “The Little Van Gogh Museum” for its pictures! Invigorating!! “Sonabai- Another Way of Seeing” by Stephen P Huyler says “The art of Sonabai Rajawar is entirely unique. It has no precedent. Her story expresses the capacity of human beings everywhere to meet their challenges head-on, and to draw from deep within their inner resources the strength and insight to change their lives. She was not daunted by oppression; she found ways to transform it into expressions of courage, beauty and joy in living.”
There’s a collection of essays in Edward Hopper(forgot the name!!!), read that a couple of years back which again is an interesting one. He’s one of my faves too!

Rest to be continued in my next let me know your thoughts on the same - favourite painting, favourite books. the lesson you learnt etc.

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