About Me

 I am Deepa Gopal Sunil, a self-taught artist who likes to create and blog about everything arty, love Indian themes and designs particularly folk forms around the globe and specifically Indian. Contemporary art as an intuitive form is quite rejuvenating for me and I love to undergo that experience time and again. ‘Meet An Artist’ is a section where I like to get to know my favourite artists from around the world, get to know them better, their likes and dislikes, their interests and possibly a few tips and techs. I enjoy the place I live whether it’s Dubai or Palakkad and often you can see those influences there. Occasionally, I also come up with some DIY’s. I enjoy the process of creation, getting to know different art forms and techniques and I also enjoy meeting and getting to know various artists from varied genres. It really helps to develop as a person and as an artist.

 Though Hues n Shades started as a window to showcase my art just as an online journal where I would meticulously jot it down…it has accomplished much more. Art and blogging is no more a pass time for me. I have evolved through this blog achieving more than I had intended for…Art is my profession now. It has not only helped me gain some wonderful friends but also some amazing artist friends from every nook and corner of the world with whom we share a lot of experiences, art techniques, our locality and much more. I have also had my clients through my blog (& FB page too)!

 Hues n Shades is 2009 born, it is in it’s 6th year and what a wonderful journey it has been! I started it while in Dubai as we were focusing on our daughter and my husband & I wanted one of us to focus on her developing years. Obviously, it had to be me :) I don’t regret that at all as she is growing into a charming, caring and well-shaped girl without the emotional disturbances that I have seen are so common today. All the same I needed to get engaged and art as a hobby is a great 'engager' :)

 Somewhere after 2011, I got serious. 2012 was the year when I started creating art everyday religiously and have been continuously doing so. It has helped me to improve a lot from the point where I began. It has also helped my daughter to love art and try different techniques as well. I think it is a kind of meditation that really relaxes our mind.

 The result is Hues n Shades was awarded the IndiBlogger Award in Arts and Theatre Category in 2013 and was among the top 9 design blogs in the BlogAdda Award, 2014. It is a huge recognition I think for any blogger to make it there :)

 Taking up commissions, creating customized pieces be it for family and friends or fans who like my art has also been an immensely great experience for me. I hope to fulfill my urge to create more and more varied kinds of art focusing on Indian art, get to know more artists and eventually enrich my life.

 You can contact me for artworks – originals, prints or customized, for DIY’s, for guest posts, to get featured or simply to chat and share an experience… just drop a mail at mail(dot)huesnshades(at)gmail(dot)com

 You can also connect on Twitter @HuesnShades, Google+ and like my Facebook page by the same name Hues n Shades.

PS: Leaving you with a link of one of muses :)
Anoushka's Kaleidoscope (my daughter's blog)


paperboats.net said...

Hi Deepa! Your art is wonderful. I work in the children's publishing industry, and wanted to ask if you've done any artwork for Tara or Tulika Books? They would certainly love your style.
Glad to have found your blog.

Deepa Gopal Sunil said...

Thank you Paperboats! I haven't worked with them yet but I have with a startup publisher, NaishArt from Pune. The book will be out in a couple of months :) Great to hear that you work in Children'd publishing industry. Thanks for visiting my space and leaving this wonderful comment. Do keep coming back :)

sree said...

nice posts :)

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What's your favourite artwork?

ummesalama mala said...

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